Golden Threads Book


Golden Threads Book

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'Only by the form, the pattern, can words or music reach the stillness' T.S Eliot.

In this series of prints an attempt is made to visually reach the realm of stillness.

Golden Threads symbolize the individual journey toward inner core of being where within the stillness, we reconnect with life essence within vast inner space before emerging refreshed into creative living. This space is often overlooked or unfound in the bustling doing of our existence, but lies silently awaiting our recognition and reconnection.

With the image of the nautilus shell, we identify the slow mollusc movement of the interior journey towards inner sanctum, within which the treasure of individual pearl is formed.

Within it's expansive glistening centre, the pearl in us can bathe in the unconditional nature of life sustaining essence, before emerging renewed into the endless unfolding possibilities of our lives.

In stark contrast, we are then invited to experience the gleeful joy of a drop of water propelled into a surge, a loop, or a tunnel, thus becoming part of a vibrant forceful expression entering into a sure of powerful movement, before reuniting again with the immense force from which it emerges.

And so we live, expand, recede and change like the tides of the seas and the earth, in their eternal ebb and flow within the immeasurable expressions of life.

Joan Gleeson