To my mind, underlying all natural matter, phenomena and interaction, is energy or universal power. The variety of earth's manifestations continue to fascinate as they are ever new in the constancy of changing circumstances of light, motion, temperature, force, colour.

Human beings tend to perceive natural phenomena in subjective ways each with their unique idea of 'reality'. As receptors of universal spirit we can only be instruments to 'make manifest', aspects of the varied richness which appears momentarily through our conscious and unconscious depths. These images grow as the insights are given form, and do not rest until the interplay of colour, shape and form are balanced according to our receptors at a given time. As in nature fusion of interacting elements causes something 'other' to come into being. In my print images, I tend to intermarry, juxtapose and superimpose varieties of texture, shape,  colour and line - and use free space - to convey interaction openness, surrender and fusion - all elements of transformation which lead toward life's enrichment, greater expression, expansion and freedom.

                                                                                                                      Joan Gleeson